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Born and raised in a provincial town of Bacolod, Philippines.

Abbyventurer spends more of her time traveling and reviewing luxury hotels around the globe.

Her passion for reviewing hotels started way back in 2016.

When she started traveling she found out that 5 stars hotels sometimes don’t live up to their standards. Five-star hotels are a hit and miss. Some surprises you and lets you experience a whole new way of comfort, while some utterly disappoint, to the point it can ruin a vacation.

Well, she’s here to tell her experience with them first hand. Stay tuned for more hotel reviews and let her know if there are any of out of this world properties you would like her to visit.

Although she focuses her blog with luxury hotels, she sometimes enjoys being in a small hut tucked away in an island somewhere.

Abby currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

“5 stars hotels sometimes don’t live up to their standards” – Abbyventurer

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Where in the world is abby

Bangkok, Thailand