Kimono Experience with Airbnb

Have you ever dreamed of wearing kimono in the busy streets of Japan? well I have! I grew up watching anime as a kid well until now I watch them every now and then so to finally achieve that is a dream come true for me.

Thanks to the new feature of airbnb called the Airbnb Experiences it enables travellers like me to encounter a whole lot more than being at home. 

I book a four hour experience with Ikuyo it includes tea ceremony, and she’ll accompany you to a small temple near her house and get to walk around a small village, and see a traditional Japanese house that is preserved for tourists to visit. 


Everything about my experience is magical! Ikuyo was so helpful to find the perfect kimono for me, now don’t confuse Kimonos with Yukata, although very similar to each other they are completely different and have different cultural usage. While conversing with Ikuyo about Japanese culture, I found out that people rarely use Kimonos in Japan, it is only used now for Graduations, coming of age celebrations, and weddings.


From Yoyogi Station it takes about 45 minutes to reach Ikuyo’s house it’s a bit far from Tokyo centre but it’ll give you much privacy and authenticity going to the outskirts of Tokyo. She only accepts 4 people a day and all of the Kimonos are either made by her or gifts from her friends. She takes pride with working with all of her kimonos, so you can feel you are with someone who is knowledgable with her own craft.


She also invited her good friend who owns a hair salon near her house to style your hair to your liking. You can bring your own camera to take photos, but don’t fret if you don’t have one, as she has a photographer to document the whole thing! 


As my Experience is about to end, Ikuyo surprised me with a parting gift! A good old Haori to take home! I would love to go again soon to re-live it all over again, but I’ll try to be in Kyoto or near the countryside next time!

With Ikuyo telling me the history of this small town


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