Postgården, Boutique Hotel: Denmark’s Hidden Gem



Nestled in the small town of Holsted, Denmark it’s the only hotel you can find in this area. Driving from Copenhagen it’ll take you about 3 hours to reach this cozy hotel.

The hotel consists of 15 rooms which are all apartment styled rooms complete with all the essentials you may need for a short stay or longer stay.

Each room are named after the African cities the owner visited throughout the years, we got a small one bedroom apartment name Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia. Upon arriving there’s no receptionist that will welcome you, instead you’ll get an envelope with your name and the details of the codes for the room. Pros* Fast Check in. Cons* anybody can open your envelope, but it’s Denmark, so I guess it’s safe?


The room is such a breathe of fresh air, every corner of the room screams homey! It felt like we got transported back in time in Africa while in Europe.

Most of the furnitures are antique and features a lot of the Ethiopian magazines and little souvenirs from Africa. The bed is a four poster bed, so I kinda felt a bit like a princess.

My favourite part of the room is as always is the bathroom, this time it’s different from what I normally encounter in most hotels, we got a wooden bath! it’s so pretty I got to just lie there and relax for a few hours. Now moving on, The kitchen is well equipped from kettles to pots and, pans for your cooking needs. The hotel does have a restaurant but it only serves breakfast and you have to order the day before. They also serve some homemade ice cream, such a shame I didn’t get to try it.  


There’s no staff during our stay in the hotel but it’s okay, it kinda gave us a bit of privacy and made us feel like it was our apartment.

Overall I like the hotel! would I wanna go back there? YES! although the bed could be improve but no biggie.

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