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Hotel Le Royal Raffles Phnom Penh

Hotel Le Royal: A three-star experience with five-star hotel price

For our first time in Cambodia we decided to check out the capital city of Phnom Penh, and what’s the best way to know the city? It’s to stay in one of their historic hotels.

It opened in 1929 under the name of Hotel Le Royal, and they joined Raffles group in 1997.

The hotel has catered several notable guests; like Charles de Gaulle the former President of France, Jackie Kennedy the first lady during her husband’s presidency, and Barack Obama the Former President of the United States of America.

Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh
Pool Area


Located near the heart of the city, Hotel Le Royal is perfect for every first time traveler like me. Situated in a private courtyard, the hotel is a tropical oasis in the middle of the bustling city of Phnom Penh.

There’s a bit of a downside with the location if you’re staying for more than a few days in this hotel, it’s a bit of a walk to the nearest convenience store, although that didn’t really bothered me, it’s worth noting.

Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh
Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh


Hotel Le Royal boasts Khmer and French Colonial style all over the property. It’s east meets west at its finest. This hotel pays an homage to their Cambodian heritage.

The grand driveway leads you to a small yet inviting lobby and their stunning pool area that creates a tropical paradise within the city.

Walking around the hotel has a certain feeling that lets you feel the rich history of the property.

The Grand Lobby
The Grand Lobby
Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh
Living room, The Landmark Suite


We chose the Landmark Suite for our stay in Hotel Le Royal, one of the biggest suite they can offer. https://www.raffles.com/phnom-penh/rooms-suites/landmark-suites/

The room that we had, considering it’s a “suite”, is the biggest disappointment of our stay. We arrived quite late in Phnom Penh so we expected our room to be as perfect as the other suites we’ve stayed in other Raffles Hotels.

The decor of the room is great, but outdated, it’s not well thought out. The lights of the room is not enough for its space, it gets very dark in the room once evening sets in, and it’s quite uncomfortable for us. If you’re into mood lighting then this hotel is perfect for you.

The amenities in the bathroom is upsetting, for the price tag of the room you would have expect that the amenities will be a bit fancy, but nope it is not.

The butler service does not live up to Raffles Singapore standards.

Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh
Master Bedroom, The Landmark Suite
Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh
Master Bathroom, The Landmark Suite
Deep Soaking Bath tub, The Landmark Suite


If the room disappointed us, the food was much worse. During our stay at Raffles we mostly stayed in our room, and in room dining is the way to go. There are days we wanted to try their breakfast buffet but didn’t get the chance.

This review is gonna be more focus with the in room dining. Hotel Le Royal’s choices for food is quite small for a five star hotel. It has enough variety.

Let’s start with breakfast! The breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can make or break your entire morning. The quality of the food for breakfast is not top notch, we were served with carton milk for our cereal, and a raw egg instead of a soft boiled one.

Our dishes also didn’t arrived on time, the kitchen said the food will be delivered in 30 minutes yet it arrived after an hour.

There are few notable dishes that I like

  • Indian fish curry
  • Cambodian stirred fried noodles with minced pork
Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh
Hotel Le Royal In-room dining
Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh
Breakfast Restaurant


The staff of Hotel Le Royal is accommodating and friendly but does not exceed my expectations.

I shared my concerns with the manager prior to our departure, and he might have misunderstood me. He took actions and cancelled our last room service from our bill.

Raffles Hotel Le Royal did not impress us, and I’m sad to say that it will take us some time before we consider to stay again in this hotel.

Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh
Elephant Bar


Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh
Pool Area

The hotel was not worth spending 1300 usd per night, it was the biggest regret for us this 2019.

Hotel Le Royal is gonna undergo a major renovation this year, and I’m gonna keep an eye out for improvements.

For now, I wouldn’t recommend staying in Raffles Hotel Le Royal Phnom Penh.

Hotel Le Royal. Phnom Penh
Lap Pool

Check out Raffles Hotel Le Royal Phnom Penh, and other Raffles Properties around the globe here https://www.raffles.com/phnom-penh/

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  1. March 21, 2019 / 8:53 am

    This is a sad news story. And for $1300 a night one can have expectations.

    Hope you have a better stay in Phnom Penh next time.

    I will be following you,

    • March 21, 2019 / 12:12 pm

      Hi Petra,

      I actually had a good time in Phnom Penh, and would love to go back soon!

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