Saruni Samburu: an ethereal experience in Kenya

Over looking the Kalama conservancy in Villa no 5

“Imagine having a villa on top of a mountain surrounded by the vastness of the African Savannah, where you are one with nature; well you don’t have to imagine it, because Saruni Samburu is the place to be”

Saruni Samburu is located in the Samburu County north of Nairobi, Kenya. One hour flight time from Wilson airport, and an 8 hour drive from Nairobi. The hotel is operated by Saruni Lodges and they have 3 other properties in Kenya.

Prior to our stay we didn’t know anything about this property, little did we know that’s it’s a piece of heaven on earth. `

The hotel receiving lounge

Arriving in the hotel you’ll encounter a lot of bumpy roads considering that the hotel sits on the mountaintop, so brace yourself folks.

We are greeted by the smiling Samburu tribe people offering us cold towels and a refreshing drink after a long drive. The moment you enter the Saruni property, hold your jaws because the views are spectacular. I couldn’t count how many times I said “wow” while the property manager is briefing us about the hotel.

Having afternoon tea in our patio

The bedroom in Villa no 5

We book the Villa no 3 but we got upgraded to their honeymoon suite on Villa no 5, as Mike Ross said “The best view in Africa” and he wasn’t kidding. The Villa is perched next to a cave like rock that doubles as a patio and lounge area. While you are in this room you’ll be sharing the villa with some cute little Hyarax family that lives in the rock, be very mindful during the afternoon they tend to sing a lot.

The magical pink skies of Africa

The Hotel is environmentally friendly, so during the morning they run on solar power, and they all use handmade organic products throughout your stay, including the bathroom amenities.

The property also serves as a second home to their resident Leopard name “Ugali” although we didn’t have any chance to have an encounter with her, but if you do; try not to run.

The Patio

we got upgraded to their honeymoon suite on Villa no 5, as Mike Ross said “The best view in Africa”

Every thing you might need in the hotel is all inclusive, except for some premium wines and liquors. They mainly served Italian food with an African twist.

There’s two infinity pools in the hotel for you to escape the African scorching heat during the day. They also offer massages if you’re keen to relax after a long game drive.

Speaking of game drives, they offer two every day, from 6 to 12 noon and another one at 3 in the afternoon to 7 in the evening.

Our Private Land Rover for our morning game drive


We went for an extra mile and booked a private game drive one morning, and it was the best decision of our life.

On a normal safari game drive your guides are normal rangers but with Saruni Samburu it’s the Samburu people itself, the exact people who lived in the Samburu county their whole life, and devoted everything to their land. Our private game drive was an experience I could never forget. James and Joseph took us on a very adventurous game drive that morning, they track all the animals for us, and even got us a front seat view with a Lioness and her three cubs.

The lioness with her three cubs

The majestic African elephants

After a long game drive they took us to their village and let us witness how their tribe live. It’s a humbling moment to be surrounded by the Samburu tribe, for they are so nice and the most welcoming people I’ve ever encountered.

The Samburu Tribe

They are dancing their traditional dance for us

We were there for 3 days only, but Saruni Samburu changed my whole life, it’s more than just a hotel. I hope one day you’ll be able to experience it yourself even just once, you’re never gonna regret it.

The Samburu People




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