Shangri-La at the Fort Manila

Dynamic luxury hotel at the heart of the city.

Shangri-La Hotels

Shangri-La at the fort Lobby
Shangri-La at the fort Lobby

This property has 576 rooms and suites, now what could go wrong?

Opened last March of 2016, this new addition to the Shangri-La hotels has to live up with the luxury hype. Our one month of stay has been extended in the Philippines, so what’s the best way to experience the city? HOTEL HOPPING.

Shangri-La at the Fort is a modern take of design compared to the other Shangri-La properties in Metro Manila.

The building is divided into three categories, the hotel, the residences, and occupying the upper floors is the Horizon Homes.


Shangri-lShangri-La at the fort Swimming pool
Swimming pool

Shangri-La at the Fort is situated in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Manila. It is one of the most busiest city in Manila, and by far the cleanest.

I really recommend staying in Shangri-La at the Fort due to it’s location.

If you are visiting the Philippines for the very first time, Bonifacio Global City is one of the best and safest option in Metro Manila.

The hotel is surrounded with great restaurants, and the night life scene in Manila is pretty much in Bonifacio Global City.

The hotel itself has 9 great restaurants, so if you are like me who hates walking around; then this hotel is perfect for you.


Premier Suite Shangri-La at the fort
Premier Suite Living Room

The lobby is enormous and has a grandeur to it. With high ceilings decorated with a crystal chandelier.

The hotel itself is gold-certified green development, committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of sustainable design.

The lobby has full of life any time of the day, expect non-guests to be around all the time.

The hotel has quite a few event spaces, and they are well known to be one of the best venues for weddings in Manila (or probably because we stayed there during wedding season).


Premier Suite Living Room
Premier Suite Living Room

I’m blessed enough to have the opportunity to stay at their Premiere Suite during my stay there for a week, although I was quite ill at the time, I spent most of my time in the room.

As one of their suite guests, we are delighted to have access to their Horizon Club Lounge which is located on the 40th floor of the hotel.

The Premier Suite is one of their biggest rooms available. It’s perfect for travelers; like family with kids, or a big group of friends.

They have a dining table suitable for 8 guests.

Premier Suite Dining Room
Premier Suite Dining Room

One thing I like about the hotel is the little complimentary in the room they have prepared for us, like assorted dried fruits, chocolates near the bed, some refreshing local beers, and a copy of the book Lost Horizon where Shangri-La got its name.

Know more about the hotel room here

They offer complimentary breakfasts, hors d’oeuvres, and sundowner cocktails.


Horizon Club lounge
Horizon Club Lounge

As I’ve mentioned earlier Shangri-La at the fort has 9 great restaurants and bars.

  1. High Street Cafe – located at the ground floor of the hotel. This is where the hotel buffet breakfast is located, they have an international selection for food. Breakfast opens at 6 am to 10 am.
  2. Canton Road – One of the top 20 restaurants in Manila, it is a Chinese restaurant and I recommend ordering the Peking duck. Canton Road is located on the 2nd floor.
  3. Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar – an upscale steak house, I haven’t had the chance to dine here, but I heard the steaks are great.
  4. Raging Bull Burgers – younger brother of the Raging Bull Chophouse, this restaurant specialises in burgers and snacks and open until late hours.
  5. Samba – Shangri-La at the Fort poolside restaurant, they serve south american food. I haven’t tried it yet, but the cocktails are great.
  6. High Street Lounge – all day dining restaurant in the hotel.
  7. The Ministry of Crab Manila – a Sri Lankan restaurant that specialises in crab. If you have the cash to spend and a big appetite, order the biggest crab of the day. You will not be disappointed.
  8. Limitless – Cocktails.
  9. Horizon Club Lounge – by far the best hotel lounge I’ve ever been in. Come around 5-6 pm to witness the magnificent view of Manila sunset.
Sundowners in shangri-la at the fort

Their in room dining is a hit and miss. They did justice with the Singaporean Laksa though. Just skip the hotel burger.

Over all the food in Shangri-La at the fort is highly recommended.


Samba restaurant in Shangri-la at the fort
Samba Restaurant

Checking in is a breeze for us during our stay for they have a designated private lounge for their suite guests.

If you have booked the normal room I suggest you check in through their mobile app for faster check-in.

The service in Shangri-La at the fort property is one of the best I’ve experienced here so far in the Philippines.

Pool Bar in shangri-la at the fort Manila
Pool Bar

After 2 years we stayed away from staying in any Shangri-La property after a horrifying stay at their Singapore branch, but Shangri-La at the Fort is making us warmed up again to stay with them again.

One thing I didn”t like about the hotel is the excessive amount of security around the place.


Girl in shangri-la at the fort
abbyventurer signing out

With 576 rooms and suites, I’m pretty sure you would enjoy Shangri-La at the Fort as much as I did.

Spacious rooms, a wide selection of food during your stay, and they houses Kerry Sports Manila, which is one of the biggest gym in the country, what more are you looking for?

Book your stay directly Shangri-La at the Fort here

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