The Dessert Museum Manila

The Dessert Museum Manila

Launch by the same team behind The Inflatable Island in the Philippines. The Dessert Museum is another one of their genius idea of bringing your pastel daydreams to come true.

Well we couldn’t really passed up on that could we?

My friends and I visited The Dessert Museum to see what was the fussed about it, as it was all over our Instagram feed every now and then.

The Dessert Museum Manila Rooms

The Dessert Museum consists of 8 mouthwatering rooms, where each room you’ll get a real treat to look forward to.

The Donut Room

The literal term “doughnut” came from the practice of putting hazelnuts or walnuts in the center, where the dough might not cook all the way through. Lo and behold, the “doughnut” was born.

Readers Digest

The First room is the doughnut room, here you can enter by sliding inside a huge doughnut.

Inside the room, you’ll be surprised by hundreds of doughnuts hanging from the ceiling. Creating a perfect backdrop with your favorite dessert, if you’re into doughnuts.

National doughnut day is celebrated in the United States every November 5th.

The Marshmallow Room

During the ancient times of the Egyptians, Marshmallows are only for their royalty.

If heaven is a place on earth, then I’m certainly in one, while being in the marshmallow room.

It’ll take a big courage not to bite on those marshmallows that are hanging around all over you.

The Candy Cane Grove

Get your candy cane fix at The Dessert Museum Manila any time of the month.

This classic dessert has been around for 600 years!

In this room you’ll be able to enjoy the fun contrast of teal and pink candy canes all around. Make sure to wear the boldest clothes you have in your closet.

The Tea Party Room

Fancy a tea party with the Mad Hatter? Just so you know the rabbit is always late.

high tea at The Dessert Museum Manila
the Macaron high tea

Aside from the enormous tea cup in the room. You’ll also find a swing ready for you while you eat your free candy floss at peace.

The Bewitched Bakery

I think this is the only room in The Dessert Museum Manila that we didn’t get to explore much due to the surge of people that time.

But if you have the patience to wait out, then it’s worth it.

The Dessert Museum manila Bewitched bakery room
The Bewitched Bakery

The Banana Beach

This is one of my favorite rooms out of all of them.

Bananas + Beach = YESSS

The Philippines is the 6th largest exporter of Bananas with 5.3% share of the global market.

Our Annual shipment of bananas is worth $619 illion, this commodity accounts for 1.1% of the Philippines’s yearly export total.

Piñata Pit

Piñatas originated in Mexico, usually made out of papier-mâché and filled with lots of candies inside.

It’s really not a party without smashing a piñata.

Cake Pops Carnival

The last room in The Dessert Museum Manila, will certainly leave you wishing that it’s not the last room they have.

The two hour tour ends in this room, so while you’re in it, take all the photos you can.

How to get to The Dessert Museum

The Dessert museum is located in Coral Way, S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City Philippines.

The Dessert Museum Manila
how to get to The Dessert Museum

How to get tickets to The Dessert Museum

Or you can book through klook and use my promo code PACHMN for ₱150 credit when you sign up for the first time.

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