The Peninsula Paris Hotel: A parisian dream or a nightmare?


  To have the opportunity to experience The Peninsula Paris oh boy we are in for a treat. Although The Penn in Paris is quite new it still carry the old grandeur of the old classics.

We came to Paris on the first week of June. My boyfriend and I love the Peninsula Hotels in Asia, so we are quite familiar with their properties.

Our Flight from Bangkok arrived early in the morning and due to the Parisian traffic (It’s insane) we step foot at the hotel around 9 am. We booked a Junior suite, ( reception offered us their Deluxe suite for an additional cost so we can rest in our room, disregarding their 3pm check in rule just to accommodate us. *Talk about nice service*

The room is everything we expected from them, to plush bedding and, the oh so inviting bathroom which boasts their Oscar De La Renta Toiletries. There’s the spa mode in the bathroom that you have to discover for yourself. We also have the amazing view of Le Arc de Triomphe from our bedroom, so excuse myself for living my Parisian dream.  We were quite tired from the trip so we just decided to order late breakfast from their room service. Their room service has excellent choices and most of it is available 24hours, so sometimes because of the Jet lag due to asian time zone we order Lobsters at 3am.


The room is everything we expected from them, to plush bedding and, the oh so inviting bathroom which boasts their Oscar De La Renta Toiletries.




After some refreshing time, I’m off to explore Paris but it’s so hard to leave our hotel room.

When I came back to our room the hotel prepared a delicious high tea surprise for us, skipping the tea we had champagne instead. The next day we went down to enjoy their breakfast at Le Lobby, which is quite small compared to their hotels in Asia, and they don’t offer the buffet selection, only a la carte aka the Parisian appetite I guess, but it’s fine for me, I mainly came to France for the croissants.


high tea

We miss our reservation at Le cinq which is a Three Michelin starred restaurant that sits in the Four Seasons Hotel, so we opt for the L’Oiseau Blanc located on the the rooftop of the Penn and we managed to get a last minute reservation before the closing time which is in 15 minutes.

Parisian Daydream

Everything was going great so we decided to stay one more day in the Hotel ditching our plan to be in Hamburg the next day. Unfortunately for us it’s going downhill from there.

It was a sunday afternoon when I got a call from the Front Desk saying our card was rejected and we have to supply a new one. I mean once in a while your card gets rejected right? but nope that wasn’t the case, the hotel try to charge our card multiple amounts without even asking us for permission. We received a confirmation from the bank saying that the amount went through but hotel insist on saying that there was no transaction made from them. Okay so sometimes that happens, everything was fine on our part and we can give a new card but the way it was handled was so unprofessional that it kinda ruin our last day in the hotel affecting the trip.

We were so stressed out that we almost vowed not to stay there again.

I managed to get a hold of their manager the next day to voice out my concern, and she was so nice to apologise to everything that had happened, and asked for a second chance from them. It still baffles me to this day what actually happened? Was it just a new staff that made a mistake? or does this happen regularly in their property? I heard a few of horrific reviews about the hotel but never in the world I would expect that it will happen to us.


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  1. June 22, 2018 / 9:46 am

    Dear Abby,

    We read your review and we are sorry that there was confusion on our part upon extending your stay with us.
    We would like to thank you again for having chosen to stay at The Peninsula Paris and we really hope that your next stay will be much smoother.


    The Peninsula Pairs

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