The Upper House Hotel Hong Kong Review

A weekend at The Upper House Hongkong.

in-room breakfast with a view

You would say I’m crazy if I tell you that this Luxurious hotel sits on top of another Hotel; which is the J.W Marriot Hotel, Hong Kong.

Located in Pacific Place, Hongkong. Amidst the busy mall, towering heights of corporate towers, and hotels. You find yourself facing The Upper house hotel. It’s a chain of hotels own by The House collective. So far they only have 3 Hotels which can all be found in China.


studio 80 island view

We made our booking through their website where they have different offers and we manage to book their festive spring offer for The Chinese Lunar New year.

Arriving and Checking in the Hotel is hassle free, the Check in process is paperless means (they don’t contribute to cutting more trees).

It’s our fourth time in this hotel yet the staff who showed us to our room still asked us if it’s our first time in the premises, we were quite disappointed by the gesture knowing we are frequent guests of the hotel yet they didn’t manage to recognise us. They have a small receiving area, I’m guessing because they share the building with J.W Marriott Hotel.

Now you’re facing the the escalators to take you up to the main lifts of the building.
We stayed in a Studio 80 room and facing the island view of Hong Kong. The room is spacious compared to the other hotels in the area.

hotel room

Once you’re in the room you’ll be greeted with well design furnitures that doesn’t strike you as a hotel room, more like a calm sanctuary besides the fact that you are in the most busiest country in the world.

mini bar

The mini bar is included in the room rates, so go ahead and finish all heineken in one night, except the wines, they come with a hefty price tag, well you’re in The Upper House you probably can afford it anyways.


Now the bathroom, I think the Bathroom is my favourite piece of this Hotel. It’s spacious, you can fit a studio apartment in it, no kidding. They have a bath tub and a separate shower for you to indulge and the toiletries are from the British brand called REN,  before you start undressing and dancing naked in the shower, mind you that the windows are two-way. So probably those 9-5 working people outside your window would prefer not to see you in all of your glory.

in room service

This hotel is not like any traditional hotel where you order room service from a boring menu book, instead you order from the tv, and all the information they have about the hotel is all done electronically, means (LESS PAPER! YAY)

café grey deluxe

 The hotel boast their in house restaurant which is called Cafe Grey Deluxe that sits on the top floor of the building, it has magnificent 360 skyline views of Hong Kong; perfect during breakfast or for sunset drinks.
They also offer a 24 hour gym room at the 48th floor of the building; it’s a bit small compared to other 5 star hotel gyms in the area but it’s enough to burn those delicious Chinese food you’ve been indulging during your stay.

hongkong view

Does The Upper House met the expectations of a 5 star hotel?
   Sadly it didn’t. The rooms are impeccable, and the service is outstanding both in housekeeping and room service. The Upper House Hotel will always be our second home in Hong Kong. But in order to keep their 5 star rating they need to be better with how they treat returning guests. It affected our trip badly and felt like we were not welcomed at all by the hotel.

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